"She's always crystal clear and precise about her instructions. Djuna has the patience of a saint. It was just nice to go at a pace that felt proportional to how a beginners brain works and at the same time I found it challenging. I wanted to finally understand the poses I was attempting to execute in class, and I think this helped me get closer to that goal." ~Beginners' Workshop Participant
"She is confident and has the steadiest flow sequence of any teacher I've had. Her class is challenging but not jerky, which I think is hard to accomplish. She has a wonderful grounding personality that doesn't overtake the class but is reassuringly there, so that one can really focus on breath and the more internal aspects of yoga. She offers modifications for the harder poses which installs confidence in students at any level." ~LC
"Candelight yoga with Djuna. It was one of the most relaxing yoga classes I've ever been to.... We went through sun salutations and some basic poses like warrior and camel, and spent a while in supported pigeon pose. The use of bolsters and blankets made everything extra comfy. Djuna also has the most soothing voice ever; all throughout class I felt so worry-free and relaxed." ~ML
"The level 2/3 vinyasa flow class with Djuna Passman was AMAZING. In fact it was perhaps the best vinyasa flow class I have been to in a while. It was fun and challenging, and the sequence of poses was great and interesting. She has an encouraging attitude, does not take herself overly seriously, and helps create a sense of calmness." ~KZ
"I honestly believe that Djuna has our interests at heart -- in a very genuine way, not because she "has to." I really get the feeling that she's invested in us all having a good practice, in whatever form that takes, every time we're there." ~MG

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