Teacher Mentoring Group


I am thrilled to announce the start of a new group designed for teachers with varying levels of teaching experience. This is something I wish I had when I began teaching yoga. I am really excited for this new offering that comes from my heart. Let’s create something truly special together!



  • Anyone who has completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training
  • New teachers seeking continuing mentorship and guidance post teacher training
  • Experienced teachers seeking continued monitorship to expand offerings
  • Teachers looking to be part of a supportive community and noncompetitively network
  • Teachers looking for a safe place to practice teach, refine verbal cuing skills, break down anatomy of poses, and deeply connect with their authentic teaching styles and voices

Dip your toe in or dive into the deep end (with a whole bunch of people cheering you on and ready to help you swim, of course)!

Sangha is a free online forum. Once you've signed up and are officially invited to join, you remain part of the Sangha until you choose to leave.

Kula offers personalized, in-depth private mentoring as well as a private, smaller online forum delving into yoga pedagogy. Kula is $60/month and you may choose to come and go as best fits your personal goals and needs. (If finances are of concern, please reach out so we can work something out.)

Practice Teaching Workshops will be monthly gatherings beginning September 2018. Community members will have the opportunity to connect with one another, practice teach, refine verbal cuing skills and physical assist offerings, and explore the anatomy of specific poses. These in-person gatherings are $25/month and you may join as fits your schedule. (This is included in the Kula fee.)

Please see below for more info and to join the community!


Open Online Forum 


(This forum will be closely monitored to ensure postings are relevant and remain supportive and inclusive to all.)

  • Connect with others
  • Ask questions
  • Learn about or share about classes and workshops
  • Learn about or share teaching opportunities

Join Online Sangha!

Practice Teaching Workshop 

In-Person Gathering


(This will begin September 2018 – exact time and date TBD)

This group will provide a safe space to:

  • Connect with fellow teachers
  • Practice teach
  • Confidently create safe and creative sequencing
  • Hone verbal cuing skills
  • Deepen anatomical understanding of poses
  • Explore effective physical assists
  • Develop your authentic teaching voice

Join Practice Teaching Workshop!


Personalized Mentoring & Private Online Forum Open + Practice Teaching Workshop


Individualized mentoring to assist you in blossoming into the best teacher you can be!

Receive teaching exercises and tools based on your personal goals.

  • 1 homework assignment & two 30 minute private mentoring sessions via phone


  • 2 homework assignments & one 30 minute private mentoring session via phone
  • Access to a closed online forum to ask specific teaching questions, discuss homework assignments, and receive teaching tips and guidance.
  • Opportunities to assist and observe classes in a variety of settings.

Join Kula!

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