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Move, Reflect, Connect

β€œThe spiritual journey is not about acquiring something outside yourself. Rather, you are penetrating the layers and veils to return to the deepest truth of your own being.” – Ram Daas

8-Week Online Yoga Workshop for Women

Deepen your physical yoga practice with a weekly audio class. Practice anytime, anyplace, as many times as you wish.

Gain clarity and intention within your yoga and meditation practices. 

Uncover and truly listen to your authentic voice. 

Develop a deeper understanding of how your thought patterns and habits affect your everyday life.

Engage with a powerful community of women providing support, encouragement, and accountability.

What 2017 participants shared about their experiences:

"I like how you organized the topics, it flows and it makes logical sense as a journey. Furthermore, all the material you are providing is something we can always refer to, and this is priceless." 

"I love love love the fact that is not a "weekend" workshop, it really helps me to stay engaged." 

"I must say that your live videos have a big impact on keeping me focused and committed. They help me to understand better all the intangible concepts that we are analyzing. You are able to translate these from abstract to real/tangible, and I can better relate the theory to the practice."

 Make yourself a priority! Eight weeks provides the time to build and establish new habits. Carve out the amount of time that works within your life.

Each week you receive:

  • An hour-long audio vinyasa flow yoga class
  • Daily quotes to inspire thought and reflection that can be used as journaling or meditation prompts
  • Articles on the weekly theme
  • An assignment to deepen your practice
  • A check-in video answering your questions and discussing real world applications of the weekly theme
  • Access to a private Facebook group providing a network of support

We explore a theme each week that is relevant to deepening our practices and enriching our lives. 

Receive an hour-long audio vinyasa yoga class every Friday morning. Practice any time and any place that is convenient for you. 

Read inspiring and thought provoking quotes at the start of each day to encourage and enhance your meditation or journaling practice. 

A live check-in video will be posted every Thursday discussing real world applications of the weekly theme and answering any questions you have surrounding your practice and the theme. You can watch and participate in real time or whenever it is convenient for you. 

All material is posted on a closed FaceBook page only accessible to the workshop participants. You are encouraged to post comments and questions throughout the workshop and will continue to have access to the group page after the workshop is over.

Gain clarity and insight into your thought patterns empowering yourself to grow from a grounded place of authenticity. Utilize the support of a strong network of women all journeying along the same path. Receive and provide encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and a sense of accountability throughout the 8 weeks.

Move, Reflect, Connect


Alignment-based vinyasa flow audio classes designed to help build strength, stamina, and flexibility.


Daily quotes inspiring reflection on thought processes and patterns paving the way for new possibilities and positive growth.


Support, motivation, and accountability from others on a similar journey increasing the likelihood of full engagement, ultimately leading to the building of long-term healthy habits. 

At the end of this 8 weeks you will have:

  • 8 audio yoga classes to use anytime, anyplace
  • 4 guided meditations
  • Quotes to return to again and again
  • Articles and videos exploring different aspects of your spiritual journey and practice
  • A group of powerful women to reach out to for support and inspiration
  • A greater understanding of how your practice affects your everyday life
  • Insight into your personal narrative and how that helps or hinders you on your path
  • 8 exercises that help you connect more deeply with yourself and your authentic voice

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*2 partial scholarships are available – please contact Djuna directly for more information

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