Djuna is extremely patient and has advanced my practice much further than I thought possible. I am forever grateful!" - Maya C.

Private Sessions

Hour long yoga sessions tailored just for you, conveniently held at a time and place best suited to your busy schedule.  Relieve stress, release chronic physical tension and tightness, improve sleep, and increase your overall health and wellbeing.


Give yourself the ultimate gift of a yoga retreat. Immerse yourself in beauty while deepening your practice, exploring a new place, relaxing, and indulging in quality time with yourself and like-minded people.


Small Classes or Private Sessions

Help increase your child's focus, attention span, and self-regulation capabilities, while working on gross and fine motor skills. Age appropriate yoga poses, breath work, meditation, chanting, and yogic philosophy are interwoven into every session.


Increase productivity, focus, and community at the office. Give your employees that tools to combat stress, make decisions from a calm and clear place, and problem solve with ease.

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